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    Windows 8 is live



      I read where this area isn't moderated for weeks. Surely someone, somewhere will happen along between now and Windows 9 lauch. As for now all PC flavors of Windows 8 including Windows 8 Enterprise are released to MSDN subscribers and Volume License customers. I have no idea how many tens or hundreds of thousands of installs will happen this week. A lot of them, like me, will be trying to replace our virus software. So far McAfee Anti-Virus and Virtual Technition don't even run.


      Here's the response I found in this forum..


      McAfee incompatibility with Windows 8




      As of now, that's no longer true. Windows 8 has been released. It's no longer in beta.


      Any idea when McAfee will support Windows 8? Or if there's a work around? Or if there are any suggestions about what to do in the mean time?


      All good questions. Thanks in advance for your detailed response.



      Best Wishes,



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          Windows 8 is supported in version 11.6 which most subscribers should have.

          Of course if you get mcafee from your ISP they maybe behind a bit on patches.


          on 16/08/12 6:20:07 EDT AM
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            Peter M

            That thread was posted back in May when things were different.


            Windows 8 has not been generally released, only to developers and Technet/MSDN subscribers and OEM's.


            Trial versions of RTM Enterprise are available however for anyone who wishes to try.   The Pro version can no longer simply be installed without a key thereby allowing a 30 day trial, it now insists on a key.


            I anticipate problems as people insist on re-enabling Windows Defender in Windows 8 which will most definitely clash with McAfee as that version of WD has an antivirus component built in.


            Pity they didn't call it Security Essentials Plus or similar.


            Microsoft Answers forums are fuil of similar cases.




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              https://www.infoworld.com/d/microsoft-windows/windows-8-review-yes-its-bad-20011 3


              Date on this piece is August 15th.


              Windows 8 has arrived (today for MSDN and TechNet subscribers, and tomorrow for Microsoft Partner Network members and Volume Licensees)


              And the reviewer doesn't like it, not one bit.

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                Peter M

                Yes I've installed it on N: partition which had the release preview before.   I get Pro on my subscription level at Technet and I have to actually pay around $15 Cdn if I want to add Media Center (yes I know Centre in real English) to use my TV tuner card.    All I can say is that they are a bunch of meanies.


                However as Technet downloads are supposed to be only for testing purposes I guess I should shut up.


                The first thing I did were 2 hacks...got Windows Mail back and added a Start Button/Menu.


                I still can see absolutely no justification for MSFT's claim that 'noone uses the Start button anymore" - which was their reason for cancelling it after the first beta version, and I could never figure out why they didn't carry Windows Mail forward to 7 and then 8 from Vista.


                I still think Vista with all the bells and whistles is the best OS they ever did.

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                  Hello  wizard12357


                  I have been testing Windows 8 on a duel boot system with Windows 7 and have been testing McAfee Beta 5.6 along with the Win 8 test.  Most everything is working OK, except for "Set Scheduled Scan" which I have reported to McAfee beta support. I guess, as with all things, we will have to wait until the powers that be at McAfee are satisfied that the beta testers have reported all if anything problems with the beta Security Centre and associated programs.


                  Bye the way, a little off topic, I personally like Win 8 but not for desktop or laptop that do not have touch screens.  It will be great on a tablet, but the closest I get to a tablet is the 3 I take in the morning and the 5 at night. (a little bit of humour in there, sorry).


                  I believe McAfee is well on the way to the finished product, however, there is going to be a few who won't like not having Defender enabled.


                  All the best for the future

                  regards CL

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                    Peter M

                    Regarding Defender, Microsoft blundered when they kept that name for a product that is really MSE Plus as people really are confused.    Not too pleased with Win 8 Pro RTM - I now have to wait until at least October to add Media Center and for an extra charge to boot (US $12.79 - where do they arrive at these prices I ask myself).   The MS forums are swamped with complaints about that especially from the bods that use it exclusively for their home entertainment systems and some even in their businesses.   The understanding was that it would be included in Pro.   I can wait as I only use it as a convenience.

                    I will also never understand the absence of the Start Button and Menu on the desktop since the 2nd incarrnation of the then beta OS - some suit at MS decided nobody used it anymore....what?   Are they mad?  

                    Needless to say I have added a software hack to bring it back, along with one for Windows Mail, Calendar and Quicklaunch and.....the list goes on.   (Most if not all hacks that worked for Windows 7 to bring back Vista goodies work for 8)

                    Thank God I have Vista and Windows 7 to fall back on.

                    Now this thread doesn't really belong in Community Interface Help where problems with the actual forums usually go.   What say everyone to my moving this to the Beta Group?   You are both members of it.

















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                      OK !




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                        Peter M

                        You'll note that I made several alterations to my post above.....my first of the day is always a bit fuzzy around the edges.    I changed my mind about where to move it as the OP isn't a member of Beta, so it's now in General Discussion.

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                          Peter M

                          By the way on Monday when we have our Conference Call with McAfee bods I am going to ask specifically about Windows 8 compatability as it's getting a bit confusing.    Only certain versions of retail/Beta are compatible and others not so am asking for clarification.




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