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    PTV EPO server and test a new version



      We have a EPO 4.0 and we want to test first version 4.6.


      Wat i do i make a clone with PTV tot vmware on another subnet, the EPO server is a standalone server, thus no problems with AD.


      I update EPO from version 4.0 to 4.6 this goes well.


      Them i want to test deploy agent en software to new of mayby the same systems.


      First this don' t work, then a change in the in the register al old IP of this server and deploy of a agent works now well, but the agent don't see any tasks.


      In the register is found this EPOPServerList servername|Ip|port  this was servername|ip|80 and now is it port 443 ?


      What are the thinks what i must change to test a cloned EPO server to another IP?






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          Yes, the new 4.6 server will use 443 to communicate to the agents. Your old 4.0 server uses port 80 for agent to system communication.


          If you are testing a new server, on a separate subnet, I would make sure you delete the old agent and all the old mcafee software or products. Then test deploying agents, software, creating tasks, assigning policies, etc.