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    Howto assign a duplicated policy in ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6



      I'm trying to assign a duplicated policy (of On-Access Default Processes Policy for VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0) to My Organization in the System Tree. Now I might have missed out on something, as this is fairly new to me, but how is this done?


      The Default polices for VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0 has been disabled and I've made a duplicate of each policy that I've assigned to My Organization. I would now like to link an additional policy that contains a bunch of exclusions that I prefer not to mixup with the On-Access Default Processes Policy.


      If I look in the Policy Catalog, the new policy that I've made is listed with None under the collum Assignments. I can't figure out howto assign it in the System Tree under Assigned Policies. I've googled the issue and found posts describing howto assign it to specific machines under Systems, but this is not what I'm aiming for as I would like to assign it the same way as the others are assigned.


      I hope someone can help me with this.


      Thank you in advance.


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