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    How to do a full system backup with Endpoint Encryption installed

      I would like it do a full system backup. IE in case my hard disk fails or is corrupted I would like to restore the full system as it was before the problem. My laptop is a company system with Endpoint Encryption installed.


      I had the following idea :

      - I bought a disk identical to the internal disk : same manufacturer, same size

      - I booted on HDcopy CD

      - I performed a disk clone


      I then swapped the internal disk with the clone and rebooted.


      Unfortunately it does not work, I got the error message : safeboot corrupted error 92h


      I wonder if the HDcopy utility does not do an exact track by track copy, otherwise I don't understand why it wouldn't work. Unless the encryption mechanism is based on the disk serial number which is really the only thing that changed from one disk to the other.


      Your advises are welcome, any other idea to do a full backup is welcome.


      Thanks in advance.