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    server hangs



      my server hangs  every night after 12 and i have to restart from power button...the reason i found was the anti virus is doin something...i am running rhel 5 and McAfeeVSEForLinux


      how can i figure out the problem



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          Run a manual scan during the day, see it is the scan that hang it or something else.


          If it's the scan find out what files. Turn off scanning encrypted files and verify MIME is scanning or not

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            happy someone atleast tried to answer


            I am sure the problem is caused by antivirus as the server keeps on working normal if i stop nails service...when i start the service back it hangs at midnight everyday and here is the message i get


            Jul 17 00:02:22 TESTSERVER nailsd-s[32555]: sendMessage 132 bytes write to fd 9 error n=-1 32 Broken pipe version=0x81000102

            Jul 17 00:02:46 TESTSERVER nailsd-s[32556]: sendMessage 132 bytes write to fd 9 error n=-1 32 Broken pipe version=0x81000102


            we have not changed any setting in the server and it has been working fine for one and half years...and suddenly started hanging


            any idea



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              To be able to help people would require some more information


              What version of McAfeeVSEForLinux?

              What DAT version are you running?

              Is your VSE managed by an ePO server or is it stand alone?

              What scheduled task have you configured to run at mid-night?

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                helo tristan,


                i am using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Linux, version. 1.6 on rhel5


                as i am new to mcafee i am unable to give the answer for DAT version and ePo server...hence could you tell me a way to find it


                i am not running any scheduled task at midnight,,,thinking of whether the antivirus is running a scan or update at mid night i tried to access the web interface


                using firefox with h t t p s:/ / ip address : 55443 but the page keeps on loading


                so is there anyway i can check whether antivirus is doing any scheduled task at midnight


                thanks for your help


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