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    Mcafee "On Access" Scan

      Hello, I'm knew here, and, by most standards, rather ignorant on computers, so please forgive me if my question seems amateur.


      I have Mcafee.  Every time my computer starts up, it automatically begins its on access scan.  And recently, it has detected several viruses within an hour or so of booting.


      Earlier, I had cleaned my computer of a host of viruses, and I suspect that this may be indication of a resurgence; however, I can't figure out how the on access scan actually works.


      That is, never once has it ever completed its scan.  And it never cleans any of the viruses it detects, or even tells me what they are.  Furthermore, further scans with Spybot, MSE, SuperAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes and TDSS Killer detect nothing.  My computer is rather slow; possibly because Mcafee uses up half of


      So how does the on access scan actually work?  How do I utilize it?  It detects viruses but never finishes its scan, and never cleans anything.


      Again, I'm sorry if I'm missing something that is seemingly obvious.


      Thanks in advance.

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          On-Access Scanning is never finished. Essentially it is just that, a scan that scans anytime you Access something.


          If you go into the VSE Console, you can configure what is scanned, when it is scanned, how it is scanned, what actions VSE is to take, etc. It may be detecting, but not deleting malware because it may not be configured correctly.

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            As greatscott says on-access scanning is always working in the background.  However he mentions VSE (VirusScan Enterprise) and you are using the home product, but the principle is the same.


            If McAfee has been detecting a great deal of infections over and over again something is basically wrong somewhere as this simply shouldn't be happening.


            We need more information to help you such as your operating system and service pack, is your machine totally up to date including any parts of it you may not use?  For instance many people choose not to use Internet Explorer then forget to update it which makes the machine inherently vulnerable as many hidden processes still use that browser.  Likewise any software and browser add-ons should be always kept totally up to date.


            There are a few links in the last clickable link in my signature that may help.  Stinger and Malwarebytes Free for starters.  I don't recommend Spybot however as we've had many reports of it clashing with McAfee.


            You might consider the last suggestion in that link and use Hijackthis to post a log on one of those recommended malware forums for expert analysis.





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              Again,     I apologize if I am missing something.  Right now, I just want to     know whether or not the on access [i]actually cleans anything[/i], because     so far, it detects viruses but does nothing about it.


              So, do I have to manually configure it to deleteviruses?  Is there a log somewhere of what it detects? 

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                If they recur can you indicate a name for them and location that they're being detected in?  If it is detecting them all the time then they are being reintroduced somehow.

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                  Again, I am ignorant on this matter.  Where can I finda log of on access scan’s detections? [Maybe it’ll help if I note that, as my computer is not working, I waslent an old work laptop from a friend, so the mcafee is the office version]


                  When does the on access scan clean anything?  Under “cleaned”, the number is always zero.  It detects, say, 66 items but does nothing.


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                    Where are you seeing the 66 items and what are termed as?   The on access scanner detects possible threats and real ones of course whenever anything tries to access your computer or if you insert a flash drive etc. etc., or if any strange activity is detected.


                    I believe the current virus/trojan/worm database numbers in the billions.

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                      "Where are you seeing the 66 items and what are termed as?"


                      -That's the problem.  I have no idea how to know where mcafee is detecting viruses (usually, it only detects 3 or so); I've tried searching for logs, but cannot find one for the on access scanning.  And the statistic for "cleaned" and "deleted" is always zero


                      Please, why does the on access scan detect malware but do nothing about it?

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                        I meant in what part of the software or user-interface did it say 66 items and what did VirusScan call them?    If it detected things they would be in the Quarantined folder - open SecurityCenter, click Navigation (top right) then scroll down and open Quarantined and trusted Items.


                        Usually it should be detecting none at all, what are you doing to cause these infections to get in?