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    Deactivate McAfee - Bufferoverflow alert in Excel with eurotool.xla add-in and Workbook_Open macro


      How can I temporarily deactivate McAfee Antivirus Plus for test purposes on Vista SP2? When I rightclick the icon in the systray I don't see "deactivate" that everyone onvarious internet help sites talks about.


      McAfee has suddenlyout of the blue stopped Excel (Office 2003) from opening to prevent a bufferoverflow – for, as far as I can determine, for 2 separate reasons…


      if the Excel Add-in eurotool.xla is activated (it has been for years, now today McAfee hastaken exception to it). If I deactivate the Add-in Excel works OK again.


      When an Excelfile with a Workbook_Open macro is opened. I has worked perfectly for years,now today McAfee has taken exception to it. An individual McAfee scan of thefile is negative. If I deactivate the Workbook_Open macro the file can beopened OK again.


      I'd be mostgrateful for assistance. Thanks in advance.