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    What filter in queries ...


      do I need to find a node, which reports itself with ...




      ... instead of ...


      VirusScan Enterprise


      ... as Product under Menu -> Software -> Licensing -> Entitlement Information ???



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          Can you clarify? Are you asking how to craft a query to find VirusScan8600?

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            Look sdelvecchio,


            in my first post I mentioned that there is one client reporting back the product 'VIRUSCAN8600' instead of 'VirusScan Enterprise' . I suppose there is something wrong with the agent or with VirusScan itself, as I just have VirusScan 8.7.0 and 8.8.0 in my master repository. This seems to be a client, which comes from an old ePO server, where there ist still VirusScan 8.5.0 available. Maybe this one has been badly migrated, who knows?



            I forgot to mention that this bad client also reports back with '', so there must be something wrong on this client!


            The problem is, under 'Licensing' I just see the amount of clients with product 'VIRUSCAN8600' but not the host name of that client and I don't want click nearly 2000 clients to find this machine


            So I thought, I just create a query but I am unable to find the required filter to use! I have tested some stuff but wasn't sucessful so far.


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            EDIT: I included a screenshot to make it more visible


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              You would need to create a query for managed systems use the table chart type, add the product properties to the columns as well as system name and/or DNS name and run the query. Then export the results to a csv use the "Find" feature in Excel to find the system with VIRUSCAN8600.

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                Hello sdelvecchio,


                first of all many thanks for replying again. I will give it a try today or next week and let you know the results.


                Best regard and have a nice weekend,


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                  Hello sdelvecchio,


                  well finally I had some time to work on this, but unfortunately there is no 'Product properties' column. That's what I was missing as well, when I first tried to find a solution.


                  Where can I find the 'Product properties' column. Did you find it?




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                    Hi diwi


                    From your post I understand that the Prodcut code for VSE 8.8 as reported as VIRUSCAN8600. Below are the product codes for VSE versions.



                    VIRUSCAN8600 - VSE 8.7i

                    VIRUSCAN8800 - VSE 8.8i


                    From the above screenshot, we understand that VSE 8.8 is reproting incorrect product code. I would suggest you to try steps below.


                    1. Open registry on the client which has reported this issue. Make sure that you are running VSE 8.8. Go to below registry key and check the Product codes listed. If you find both 8600 and 8800 product code then please delete 8800. Back up the registry below deleting.


                    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Network Associates\ePolicy Orchestrator\Application Plugins


                    2. Try "Collect and Send prop" from Agent window and make sure that the Agent has uploaded the events to ePO. Check the machine properties for VSE on the ePO server.




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                      Hello vrishchik,


                      first of all, thanks for contributing to this thread. Have you read the full thread already? I have absolutely no clue, what node reports itself with a product 'VIRUSCAN8600', otherwise I would have already removed or repaired this node.


                      The problem is, that I can only see this node under the ePO Menu -> Software -> Licensing. We have over 2000 nodes and I don't want to click 2000 nodes to find the the failing node and as I am unable to create a query searching for 'Product' I am lost in space for the time being.


                      I suppose I have to contact McAfee Gold Support for a solution