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    lost&found, building a task



      I like to get a mail from the EPO every time a new client joins the group "lost&found". I thought to make a automatic response task, but the many configuration itmes are confusing.


      Is there any possibility to build a task for this, if yes, how?


      Thanks in advance




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          In the Automatic responses choose these settings:


          • Event Group: ePO Notification Events
          • Event Type: Client
          • Under the filter, choose Defined at: Lost & Found
          • Aggragation: Choose how you want the events to be triggered.
          • Actions: Choose send an email and select the variables you want included in the email you receive.
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            Hi S Delvecchio,


            thanks a lot for your help! I first thought the listed seetings are too simple, but it works. I have unsucessfully testet bevor with so many different settings...


            I added the hostname to the messagetext ( Hostname {hostName} ) and now I get all information I need.


            Best regards