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    Device Control 9.1 functionality question


      Hi All,


      Just a quick query if I may on the wording in the Device Control Data sheet. We are licensed for Device Control only, The data sheet for Device Control states the following :


      Device Control provides extremely granular control

      over your sensitive data. Specify which devices

      can and cannot be used. Define what data can

      and cannot be copied onto allowed devices. And

      restrict users from copying data from specific

      locations, such as a file server that stores propriety

      information, and from certain applications,

      such as an accounting program that generates

      confidential reports.


      I was under the impression that Device Control on it's own could not control WHERE a user copys data from (File Server), what is copied and what applications it's copied from? I though you needed full blown DLP.


      Am I wrong ? If not, where in the Device Control policy would such info be set ?