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    Manual Scan for Virus



      I have been using the ATT Internet Security Suite, which is a Mcafee product.  When I update this product, I am usually directed to the Mcafee site.  That is why I am asking help here.  One day, after I updated the software, something acted strangely.  It kept saying that the real time scanning had been turned off.  I turned it on, but the software froze up.  The only thing I could do was to do a warm boot.  Again, it indicated I needed to turn the real time scanning on.  Again it froze up.  I did this serveral time and finally I had to un-install the software.  I download the software from the Mcafee site.  The installation was uneventfully successful.  The I selected a file in Windows Explorer.  Right clicked and selected Scan to scan that file.  Instead, the software quick-scanned drive C.  The problem I face now is that I can only quick scan drive C and not the file(s) I want manually.  Please give me some suggestion as to how to resolve this problem.  I suspect there is a bug in the newly downloaded version.  Has anyone encountered this phenomenon?


      P.S.  I am able to perform a real quick scan or a thorough scan without problem.  However, I want to do manual scan files I so choose.

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          Hi cmjone,


          This issue is already been reported to the McAfee Product development team & they are working closely towards the resolution of this issue, hope this should be fixed soon.


          I will keep you posted on the resolution status once that is done.

          I appreciate your patience and co-operation.


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            It appears that Mcafee has gone through  a couple of software updates.  The issue has not been resolved.  Is there any hope that Mcafee will really work on this problem.    If I have a particular file I want to scan, I will be out of luck unless I scan the whole computer.  When I want to scan a file, Mcafee will spend several hours to scan the computer where the file resides.  Surely, at the end, I will get the file scanned.  It is a scarry thought that it will take serveral hours to scan a file  This will make Mcafee not good at all.


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              I found an other problem.  After the automate software update, Mcafee keeps saying the real time scanning is turned off.  I turned it on and it turned it off by itself.  It appears Mcafee wants to play game with me.  The only way to get around it is to un-install and re-install Mcafee.  This is not cool at all.