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    False Positive - Sesame Database Manager

      Dear McAfee,


      We are a commercial software company with a DBMS that has been in the field since 2003. With our latest version, we are getting calls from our customers saying that McAfee is identifying one of our exe's as a trojan and giving them no way to allow it to run. This is seriously impacting our customers, and also us as it affects our Trial Version. I've submitted the exe per these  instructions but I either get back an autoreply or nothing at all. I don't know if I'm getting through to anyone who can fix this and we really need it fixed. Our customers and potential customers think we are trying to infect them with swizzor.gen.c and they are angry.


      Can someone please help us?


      Procuct: Sesame Database Manager 2.5.3

      Company Website: http://www.lantica.com