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    S2S VPN as Fallback

      Hi guys,


      I'm currently struggeling to route data traffic over a gbit leased-line and having a S2S IPSec VPN tunnel up and running. McAfee somehow does not allow to route traffic over my gbit leased-line when tunnel is up.


      The idea ist to have both up and running, but routing data normaly through gbit leased-line (static - lower metric) and when gbit line droppes, data should be routed through IPSec tunnel (higher metric).


      Does anybody know how this is done?




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          I do not know of a way to accomplish this. I believe that whenever the IPSec VPN is enabled, it will take precedence and traffic will pass through it. The only workaround I can think of is disabling the tunnel until it is needed.



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            Hi Matt,


            yes that is what thought. I will initiate a feature request, since with Cisco we do not have such issues (...but others)


            Having IPSec VPN as a fallback path would be a nice thing to have.