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    Blocking spam by language

      Hi all,


      Currently receiving spam from hotmail, gmail, live.com addresses with foreign language bodies. Any way to block these using Ironmail? I have looked and the charsets are unicode (UTF-8). I copied the text and placed them in Google translator and the translator picks up the text as Persian.



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          Until someone really in the know answers you, I spotted this thread on the same subject which may help:  https://community.mcafee.com/message/248098#248098

          OK it's about different language sets but the principle is the same and there's a link to language set lists.






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            Hi Ex_Brit, Thanks for the reply. I did see that thread earlier and the suggestion was to set the filter to look for the charset definition of the message. Unfortunately, it looks like the charset of these spam messages in unicode (utf-8) rather than a particular language characeter set like japanese (shift-jis) or chinese (big5).  

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              That's a puzzler then.  Most of my spam, which I use Spamcop Mail system to filter before it ever reaches my machine, is KOI-8 or even windows-1251, mostly Cyrillic so rules/filters are easy to set up.    Being on the consumer side  I don't use Ironmail so have no idea how that works but thought I'd lend a hand anyway as it was the weekend.  Hopefully someone who does use ironmail will come along soon.









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