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    Updating VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0

      My son got a new computer and gave me his old laptop. He used it in college and when he got it so he/they installed McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0. It's a few years old and I think it may still get some updates, but not sure.

      It doesn't ask me if I want it blocked, it just blocks everything. I can't even figure how to disable it. I have spent countless hours trying to figure out how it works but it's just way too complicated for me (just registering for this forum and figuring out which forum to post in was way more complicated than I thought it needed to be). I tried going to the website but have no idea where to even begin. I have tried to disable it in msconfig. I have disabled every service I can find for it. Are there any instructions anywhere that normal people can understand?

      It appears to still function but is a way more of an over-complicated pain than it's worth-so my question is: it appears that it cannot be upgraded or updated (not by me, anyway) so does it still have any usefulness or should I just uninstall it and move on? I am hesitant to uninstall it, because it may still have some usefulness and I'm also concerned about how big of a mess it will make to uninstall it (like Norton), but I can't really use it due to the havoc it wreaks on my computer and the enormous amount of time it takes to figure all that out (heaven forbid I might want to download something ever). Seems like it would be ok to just turn it on once in awhile and run a scan, but it's too hard to turn it back off again. I'd just as soon use Windows Live One Care.

      Thanks in advance and any advice is appreciated.
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          It is definitely time to ditch it.

          Virusscan 8.0 support ends on December 31st this year. After that, no more pattern updates will be available.

          Microsoft is releasing its new Security Essentials product later today. It is worth taking a look at (I've played with the beta).

          You can uninstall Virusscan from Add/Remove programs in Control panel.

          The McAfee agent (McAfee Framework service) has to be removed manually.

          Details here:


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            Yep, just backing up Phil's statements. It's time to upgrade or find a new product.. The upgraded product may be available at the university if your son is still attending.. If not, you'll need to install something else.

            Uninstalling the product can be done from the Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs section.. But if you'd really like to remove everything McAfee from the computer and registry, the link below will allow you to get the job done.. It takes a while, believe me..


            Hope this helps.

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              Actually, 8.0 support was extended into the spring (March or April?)

              For home use, try one of the free AV programs. If you have XP or Vista, Microsoft just released their free Essentials program. Basic, but seems to be lightweight and low impact.
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                It's not the "support" of the program itself that is of concern.. It's the updates.. Although it appears like AUTOMATIC updates may continue to update the older version, the downloadable Superdat files will no longer contain the older style definitions in December. (At least, that's what I've been instructed.) Our business uses a number of standalone computers which are either on dial-up or don't connect to the internet at all.. As such, if we won't be able to use the SuperDat files to update the definitions manually, we'll need to uninstall the older version and move to something different.

                Either way, whether it's 3 months or 6 months left, it's probably time to start looking for a newer version.

                Hope this helps.

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                  Thanks very much for the replies and the advice. It looks like in 3 to 6 months it's going to be kaput anyway so probably is time to bail on it. Sure looks like a hassle to get rid of though (what a surprise). Did I see somewhere that there was a removal tool, or is that just for newer versions?



                  VirusScan is listed but it says 2005 but 8.0.0 might be 2002 or so.

                  I did check out the Security Essentials and that looks like it might be a way to go.

                  I really dread anything that claims "runs quietly in the background" which really means "eats enormous resources". One of the main reasons I why I was looking to lose the VirusScan is that it consumed huge resources whenever it was running, which was all hours of the day or night (and it took f.o.r.e.v.e.r to run a scan-I think like a week-I never could wait long enough for it to finish) and it interfered with things like Windows Update, etc. "we are taking control of your registry and there is no way for you to get it back".

                  It really is a lot of trouble to keep your computer running speedily, but I guess you really only have a choice between a fast computer or a protected computer.

                  Thanks again for the replies.
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                    There is no removal tool for the corporate products.. The link you provided is to the McAfee RETAIL products only. It's NOT for VS 8.0i.

                    There are manual removal instructions at the link below which will help you get all things McAfee off the computer.... but for most, the standard "Add/Remove Programs" uninstall will be sufficient to reinstall a different antivirus, whether it's another version of McAfee or a different brand name entirely.


                    Hope this helps.

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                      We have some really old & slow laptops that have VSE 8.0 on them. These slower computers will not be good candidates for VSE 8.5i or VSE 8.7i. Since we are under a budget crunch we also can't get new equipment. The solution which we shall be taking to install Microsoft Security Essentials on them. This at least will give them some virus protection even though they will be unmanaged by EPO.

                      I took a look at both the beta and released version of Microsoft Security Essentials and was impressed with the point that it does not take much system resources. This will make it ideal for slower computers. Just wish McAfee had a product that takes less resources as not veryone has the budget/money to keep upgrading hardware.
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                        Well, even Microsoft Security Essentials recommends 1 GB of RAM, or MORE.. Most of our older XP machines only came with 512 MB. It won't work for us. We're actually moving to another corporate product which will remain nameless.

                        Microsoft Security Essentials System Requirements

                        Hope this helps.