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    McAfee On-Access-Scanner slows down PDF-attachment opening in Outlook.



      we've got a strange problem with our McAfee VirusScan 8.8. Users are using Windows 7 Enterprise.


      It only occurs while users are connected to our VPN-Network and started On-Access-Scanner.


      If you try to open a PDF-Document (size: 13kb) in Outlook, the PDF-Reader needs about 10-20 seconds to open.


      When the VPN-Connection is closed and the computers are connected directly to our network, everything works fast.


      Everything works fine too, when the On-Access-Scanner is disabled and the VPN-Connection is established.


      If i set "Outlook.exe" to the low-risk-list, everything works fast.


      It has nothing to do with the PDF-Reader.


      Does anybody have an idea?





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