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    Pay for removal when McAfee fails to deliver?!!

      I just got infected by a virus that points to file-recovery-software.com (lots of hard drive/sector/write spoof errors).


      I have McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012 installed and it picked something up ( Exploit-PDF!Blacole) Trojan but something is still infected on my system.


      I ran the virtual tech and it said the software is running propertly. 

      I talked to someone on the online chat support.  She couldn't fix it. 

      She referred me to the telephone support.

      I finally got through to telephone support and they want $89.95 to remove it.


      Why doesn't McAfee own up to the fact that the product failed in this case? 


      If nothing else, I would think they would want to know when their software fails so they can fix it.


      Any comments?


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