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    auto renewal

      Has anyone else had an auto renewal charge they did not authorize? I woke up this morning to an email confirmation receipt that McAfee had taken money from my account. I have had this virus protection for almost 2 years and never had this happen before. I do not even use the computer that it is installed on anymore and do not have the extra money for this right now. I had received emails in previous weeks asking me to update my payment info fo renewal. I did not do so b/c iI did not want to renew. Another thing that angers me is that they can apparently process payments on a Sunday morning but cant staff any customer service reps on a Sunday. Has anyone had this experience. How long till I get my money back?!

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          You agreed to auto-renewal in the Terms and Conditions when you first purchased the software, however I know that most of us never read the fine print.   You can not only turn off auto-renewal yourself in your account online but you can also obtain a refund by calling Customer Service.   It's a free call.

          Maybe they weren't open yet when you called.


          Telephone Customer Service


          To speak with a Customer Service representative, call us at 866-622-3911.


          Average contact length: 10  minutes

          Estimated wait time: 5-10 minutes

          Hours of Operation: Available daily, 6am-6pm Pacific


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            I just thought it odd it didn't auto renew last year. I have already disabled the auto renew. Also, as indicated, I have tried customer service phone number and found out the hours of operation for myself. I am only interested in how log it will take to get my refun and will never use McAfee again.

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              They just revamped the website and I'm wondering if perhaps that reset everyones' settings.....I hope not.   They will process your refund immediately but as with all transactions it relies on the banking system, so times can vary.  I've known refunds happen within a few days, others take longer.

              It's your prerogative what software you use but many organizations employ the same principle.

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                Thank you. I do appreciate your quick responses and helpful information. I am just frustrated. Although I have learned the hard way, at least I now know to be more careful. Have a good day.

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                  OK good luck.  Of course this made me immediately check my account settings....again.