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    McAfee vs Intel: McAfee doesn`t allow to install IMEI


      I can`t install  Intel Management Engine Interface (IMEI) because installer can`t work proprely with following path: C:\Windows\Temp. I think McAfee block actions here because 1 my friend had the similar issue:


      ...He got this error immediatelly after PG(PostgreSQL) installer runs

      "Unable to write inside TEMP environment variable path"


      I did research and found: this is McAfee. It prevents anything from running in a TEMP folder, including Windows Scripting Host scripts.

      User said he uninstalled Mcafee long ago - but it still do not allows.

      Found a removal tool MCPR (directly on Mcafee site)


      after it runs and reboots PC - all works OK, posgtres installed without any problem

      He had it n release. I -on Beta.
      I think the best way to fix all issues when next version will be released is completelly uninstall installed version of McAfee product. This should looks  like that:

      MSC downloads special uninstaller\installer which should completely uninstall installed products & start new installation. Uninstaller should remove all info(including product settings).

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