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    how to change Agent Handler on the McAfee Agent

      We have a new EPO server... lets say EPO2.  Our old server EPO1 is gone and not used anymore. I noticed that MANY of our computers are in unmanaged mode no matter how many times I push the new agent to the computer.


      Do I need to (1) change the server agent looks for, or (2) uninstall and reinstall all the old agents.


      Please let me know since this has been bugging us for awhile.

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          Assumption: You are operating from ePO2


          I would troubleshoot this way:

          1.) check the status of the Agent deployment to the unmanaged systems.  If ePO is reporting that the deployment is successful?

               a.)  If no, troubleshoot the deployment

               b.)  If yes, check the target system and verify that the agent is installed.  If installed, bring up the Agent Status Monitor and perform a "collect and send props"

          2.) is the target system able to contact the ePO server?

               a.)  If no, troubleshoot the network

                b.)  If yes, search the ePO system tree for the target system.

          3.)  Is the target system now in the ePO system tree?

                a.)  If no, check that you do not have a duplicate AgentGUID issue.

                b.)  if yes, rinse and repeat for the rest of the "troubled" IT assets.



          Hopefully, this gets you moving towards a solution.