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    MacBook Airs

      I have an issue with Macbook Air machines (2011 models running 10.7.4) where if the power runs down on the machine and it is left for a while the time/date will reset back to 01/01/2012.


      From my understanding this is due to Apple changing (or not using) a CMOS battery to retain the time/date on Air machines.


      This time reset results in the EE software thinking the machine has not contected ePO in too long and requiring a machine recovery.


      Is there any way around this issue, or has anyone else encountered the same thing and found a workaround?

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          We have seen this issue happening earlier too. This is because when power completly drains on the mac the system clock resets back to 01/01/2012. This results in EEMac thinking system not synced with ePO  for long time as per the product setting policy for EEMac in ePO. Work around to this issue is


          • Launch the EETech for Mac
          • Perform Emergency Boot  with authorizing the token and daily authorization code. This results in  booting into the system with EEMac in recovery mode.
          • Change the System Date to current date.
          • Perform policy enforcement operation from ePO to re-sync with ePO so that EEMac changes its state from Recovery to Active back again.
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            That workaround is essentially what I have put in place for the users.

            However its not really practical on a day to day basis to do a receovery every time they run out of battery.


            I sense this is going to be one of those "Don't use MacBook Air" problems unless McAfee can add an option to allow long periods of not talking to the ePO...