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    100% cpu usage while scanning, PC Freezes and needs direct power cut



           When I scan my pc with McAfee Antivirus plus 2012, the cpu usage touches 100% which I hate to see. When I had xp 64 bit and Net Protector, it hardly touched  beyond 35 % cpu usage. With McAfee running my pc freezed several times today and apart from that I was never able to recover and had to shut down by switching off the inverter. (happened once when typing this post)


      Earlier , before installing windows 7 64 bit, I had xp 64 bit with Net protector antivirus installed. The net protector antivirus expired and I was suppose  to buy a new subscription, but I decided to go with McAfee. I used my pc with expired antivirus for about a week and my pc got a virus called Live Security Platinum Virus. Well, I had to reinstall xp after that. I got my Harddisk scanned at a local cyber cafe with net protector. After getting it scanned I decided to upgrade to windows 7 64 bit since McAfee is incompatible with xp 64 bit. I installed Windows 7 64 bit as well as McAfee , hoping everything will work out fine which never worked that way.


      Today I was able to get my McAfee activated. I performed my first pc scan and to my suprise McAfee found around 20 virus in my pc!! A friend of mine had sugested me to buy McAfee since Net protector could not remove all virus and that is why I bought McAfee.


      My pc configuration

      Gigabyte 880GMUD2H mother board

      1 Tb hard disk

      AMD phenom 2 X4  processor (3.0 Gz)

      4 GB ram

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit



      The problem while scanning

      1] CPU clocks 100% while starting and at near end of scanning like 80% and above.

      2] pc starts hanging , mouse starts lagging

      3] Task manager cannot start

      4] after a while everything is freezed and nothing happens.

      5] Power button on keyboard does not work after pressing, sleep button does not work.

      5] I have to shut down pc using direct power cut and restart it.


      I have created 5 disk partitions c,d,e,f,g with each having  200 GB space. My 5th partition  G is not formatted since it takes around 2 hrs or more I guess to format 200gb and I just don`t need to use it now. In my first scan the scanning went all well for c, d,e partitions until f was being scanned. When scanning the f partetion the problem of freezing arises as the scanning reaches aorund 80%. I have seen ram usage shoot to 3.5 gb! which is full usage of allowable ram use.


      One thing I have noticed between XP 64 bit and windows 7 64 bit is that the cpu usage is way higher in windows 7. Even if I move my cursor without having any program running the cpu usage touches 10% from 1 % !!! Now thats 9% cpu usage for just moving cursor ! In XP 64 bit the cpu usage never touched beyond 35 % while running vlc media player which is quite demanding.


      My pc has never been fully scanned since f drive scanning had freezed at 99% once and I had to shut down pc. My McAfee has current updates. I am wondering how to solve this problem.