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    Migrate agents from 4.5 to 4.6


      I just have a quick question, I want to migrate our 3000+ workstations over to a new 4.6 server but want some testing done first.  I was going to try and make 4.6 part of 4.5 and then migrate some systems over manually to verify tasks are setup correctly and tags and what not.  My question is, 4.6 won't go out and grab systems from 4.5 without me spefically telling it to correct?  Also, what affect will eepc have on laptops?  Does it need to be installed on 4.6 before moving it from 4.5?

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          I would recommend decrypting the Laptops before migrating as the encryption keys will be held on the 4.5 server.

          Generally the best way to do the test is

          • Build 4.6 as you want it will all software and policies
          • Stop any automated deployment tasks on the test systems on 4.5
          • Decrypt the systems so EEPC does not have any issues
          • Manually force an install of the 4.6 agent and they will check in


          Perform your tests and then either start the migration or roll back to 4.5


          EEPC adds a level of complexity and I am unsure how this will act in a migration scenario, and an upgrade from 4.5 to 4.6 may be a better option if you have thousands of systems to decrypt and re-encrypt