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    McAfee GPS

      Hi everybody,

      Please, I need some advice with McAfee, concretely, I wish to know, if it is possible to control one phone by sms with some other phone, if the version of the rom is different on these phones (for example, 1. phone have android 2.3.5 and second android 4.0.4). And, also I am not sure, I understand a location of the lost phone - Anti-Theft. I mean, the GPS will turn on on the lost phone, when I send a sms from other phone a the location will start? And is it possible to locate the lost phone (so turn on the gps) if the phone is turn off?

      Thank you for all of your advices

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            Please, is there some possibility to contact the technical support by email? I dont utilise McAfee (it is my father, but i have a different type of rom) so I cant fill in all the boxies in the questionaire on service.mcafee.com and I dont send email to technical support. I am from Czech Republic.

            Thank you and have a nice day

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              According to the Czech Technical Support page http://service.mcafee.com/ServiceSelect.aspx?lc=1029&sg=TS&pt=1&st=PHONE , linked under Useful Links at the top of this page:


              You can phone them directly (Monday to Friday).....  or you could phone Customer Service and ask to be connected to Technical Support department:


              Telefonické služby pro zákazníky


              Chcete-li mluvit s agentem zákaznické podpory, zavolejte na: 2 39000505.


              Približná doba cekání: 10-30 minut

              Provozní doba: 9:30-12:30 local, od pondelí do pátku 



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                Back to your original question, although I don't use a smart phone myself I doubt what you are seeking is possible.  You might consider asking it on an independent mobile forum too.