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    Mcafee Webgateway Transparent

      Hi everyone. Im new for this product and I have problem about Mcafee webgateway 7.2


      Follow this please.
      1. I choose to use "Transparent Router Mode" for my network , actually I have to config "redirect port"  and "HTTP Proxy" like this






      But the point is "client still have to configure manual proxy on browser" for this case (it look like "Port Redirects doesnt work".

      So I try to use linux command and putty into the cnsole and run iptable command for redirect port and "IT WORKS!!!".

      But I work only HTTP website , HTTPS website still cannot access (but already have transection run into log file).


      So i try to change "SSL treated" from 443 to * >>>  and it's work for HTTPS and HTTP !!!! but just some HTTPS that can access


      anyone can figure out this problem please ? or I shouldn't touch the "transparent mode" on webgateway ??


      Best Regards