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    Exchange 2010 SP2 and ePO Policies


      Ok, I have installed 7.6 of McAfee Security for Exchange on 3 CAS bozes. Basic role is "hub". I am curious if I installed the correct product from the download. As the download contains different versions. The install document doesn't say exaclty which one, jsut rin setup_x64.exe. I installed C:\MSMEv76_x64L\ePO\MSME_Deployment_x64_Lic and it all installed fine. I am able to see this server in ePO and I can see installed products. But I cannot seem to push policies to it. The ePO policy has local database uncheck for Quaruntine, we have our own quaruntine so we don't want to use either one. But pushing the policy to the server doesn't change this setting. I have tried other settings with no luck either.


      I do see this in the agent log


      Manage    Enforcing Policies for MSME____7600


      So I know it is pushing but it just isn't setting.


      So question is, did I use the correct install package and what am I missing on the ePO side to push policies?


      I also see this in an email it sent me.


      McAfee Tranport Routing Agent registration failed


      I thought this was fixed back in 7.2? Actaully, that makes sense now. Upon installation I seen the tx_routing installation fail in the powershell box, but it goes by so fast you can't tell what it is. I have attached a screenshot of one of the CAS boxes with the error.