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    McAfee AutoUpdate Architect (1.1.2)  Repository question -Newbie

      My organization is currently using McAfee VirusScan 87i for AV protection. We are currently manually downloading uploading the .dat files definition files because our systems are on a stand-alone network without internet access. I am trying to find out if we need to copy the avvdat.in and avvdatxxx.zip files into av repository folder or just check in the PkgCatalog.z file? What we discovered is the latest .dat definition file are applied and when we check the version on the AV program it has updated to the new version and the update is replicated to clients on the network. We are able to check - in the PkgCatalog.z file and replicate via  McAfee AutoUpdate Architect with no problem. But sometimes when we "update" the AV program on the server/client. We get an error that says "Updates cannot be applied because packages were not in the repository: Engine, VSCANCEU1000, EXTRADAT 1000, BOSCVSE_1000, VIRUSSCAN8700. Update finished.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!