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    OnAccess policies and exclusion lists

      Is there any way that you can pull this information in order to print in excel and see the overall exclusions lists?

      We are reviewing exclusions in all areas and there's no way that I've found yet to do a data dump of this info.


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          You can export to xml file but not sure about excel. Below is the exclussion list from my ePO.



          <Section name="Wrkstn_Default-Exclusions">


          <Setting name="ExcludedItem_0" value="3|3|abc.exe" />



          <Setting name="bAppendExclusions" value="0" />



          <Setting name="dwExclusionCount" value="1" />


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            Yes.  I do this.


            Export the policies to XML files.

            Open the XML file and copy and paste into an excel sheet.

            Utilize the Data to Columns feature and set the proper delimiters to give you a column with the exclusions.

            To determine the "options", you will need to perform a manual conversion of the numbers contained in the exclusion row.

            First column of numbers:


            3=Path Exclusion

            4=File Type Exclusion

            Second column of numbers:


            7=Exclude Subfolders

            3=Do not Exclude Subfolders


            I believe those number translations are correct, but I recommend that you verify on your own.


            Hope that helps.







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              Thanks for the info! We finally got some scripts in place to gather this info and then figure out what was locally being excluded.  Crazy enough all of the exclusion info is in the registry.

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                Please share your findings...I'm interested in coming up with a quick way to dump exclusions from policy .xml exports and glean which exclusions are associated with a particular policy and/or System Tree Group.


                Other than drilling down into each policy and manually comparing settings via the ePO console on a case-by-case basis, I've never found a user-friendly (simple) way to answer the question:  Which exclusions are currently in place for system "x" in Group "y"?

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                  The best way we found to do this is with a batch file that gleans the info from the registry.  My server admin team ran the script against all servers that then returned the info for exclusions.  Yeah the xml file just looked like a ton of work with hundreds of servers.


                  Here is the path on Win7 workstation - pretty easy to find on a server too