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    Total Protection v11.6 Conflict with Blue Iris and Crashes PC


      Experiencing a conflict or incompatibly between McAfee Total Protection v11.6 and Blue Iris software which triggers a locking and or crashing of the PC after 1.5 hours of uptime.  Issue began immediately after McAfee automatically installed v11.6 on 7/30/12. This installation prompted me to reboot the PC.


      PC is a Dell optiplex W7 64 I7 processor 8GB ram


      This PC is dedicated to run an application called Blue Iris which records IP security cameras via the Blue Iris software. Until this version of the McAfee was installed both McAfee and Blue Iris ran without issue for more than 1 year. The application reads various the IP camera feeds and writes clips to disk.


      After much troubleshooting it appears the new version 11.6 of McAfee attempts to real time scan the blue iris activity loading the scan into memory cache but fails to release the memory. After 1.5 hours the PC locks up and can only be accessed by forcing a power off and rebooted. The locking occurs when the memory usage hits 7.3 GB.  Once the PC is rebooted the memory is reset and begins  at 1.8 GB . During the 1.5 hour period leading upto a crash the memory usage increases progressive but never resets. If the Blue Iris service is stopped the situation freezes the memory but does not release the memory back to a proper baseline 2.5 GB. As soon as the Blue Iris service is restarted the path the crash resumes.  


      If McAfee Is uninstalled, the Blue Iris and PC runs without issue and memory usage never tops 2.5 GB .. no matter how long the PC runs. As soon as McAfee reinstalled the crashing resumes.


      My guess is something in the new version of McAfee causes the application to scan the Blue Iris feed causing an effective memory leak with the McAfee application. What needs to happen is to exclude or force a release of the memory to parallel the Blue Iris application as it process video clips.

      Trouble shooting

      1. Uninstall McAfee, run clean tool, reinstall .. no changes
      2. Attempted to add exceptions to virus scans but the application gives error message that the blue iris executable is a critical system file. Also tried to add the folder but same message. Further it is not clear that the regular virus scan and the related exclusions are inherited or apply to the real time scanning.
      3. Real time scanning does not appear to have any ability to add an exclusion for the blue iris executable.
      4. Added blue iris to firewall. But does not seem this is a firewall issue.
      5. My support sessions the McAfee tech support has checked and rechecked settings


      Communication with McAfee Tech Support

      I have been on the phone with McAfee must be 10 times over past week. The last session was with a second level support that called me on a scheduled follow-up support session. The second level support agent agreed he had observed all the behaviors documented above and that this did appear to be a bug in the software.  He said the case needed to be handled by an engineer above second level support. I am waiting on a call but not sure if or when this will happen.

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