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    Registration on an HP Home Server

      Hello folks,

      I hope I'm posting this in the correction section of the forums.

      I have a client who I have setup an HP Home Server for, and in the list of the variety of issues we're having, is an issue with the McAfee product which comes as an add-in through the management console. In order to activate the product, either the trial or to activate using a purchased license, you need to fill out a form which includes a ZIP code. The issue here, is that living in Canada, a zip code is not available.

      I have all the regional settings set to Canada on all clients and the server, and have chosen "Canada" from the country drop down list, which correctly populates the "province/state" drop down list with Canadian provinces. However, it does not change the ZIP code field to Postal Code, and will not accept a Canadian Postal code. I have found NO way around this, and appears to be a flaw in the registration form. Thus far McAfee support has refused to assist in any manner, and HP claims this is not their area responsibility.

      Any suggestions on a solution, or appropriate point of contact would be much appreciated.

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          You've posted in the corporate Enterprise section of this forum.. Since I've never seen such a document with the corporate versions, I'll guess the product is a retail version of McAfee VirusScan.. Please confirm the version number of the McAfee product you're trying to install and let us know...or....post your question in the appropriate subforum for that product.

          I find the problem strange particularly since I KNOW we've got Canadian retail customers and I've not seen the issue before.

          Hope this helps.

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            I wasn't sure what product this was, however it behaves like an enterprise product hence my posting here. McAfee also told me I had a corporate product, although I also have never seen registration for a server side product like this. As for exact version, I will have to wait until I can see my client again. Unfortunately this is my first time working with McAfee.

            If I don't activate the license for it, it tells me that my license has expired and I need to contact my administrator (yours truly), and not McAfee.