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    McAfee McShield is locking an important file


      Deleting a directory with some files in it is not possible becuase McAfee McShield has a file open.


      ScreenHunter_ 2012-08-06 09.58.13.jpg


      What can i do to fix this? I'm running Epo, and this is on a production machine with multiple running virtual machines, so rebooting is not an option, shutting down McAfee agent/Virusscanner is not allowed....

      And what it this about, mcshield is locking files????? That should not happen i think....!!



      This is the reason of a huge problem i had with a Microsoft HyperV machine running in Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. It could not be started after a system failure, and unintended shutdown.

      This was the message:

      An error occurred while attempting to start the selected virtual machine(s).

      ‘ServerName’ could not be initialized.

      An attempt to initialize VM saved state failed.

      ‘ServerName’ could not initialize. (Virtual machine ID “Virtual Machine GUID”)

      ‘ServerName’ could not create or access saved state file E:\Hyper-V\ServerName\Virtual Machine\”Virtual Machine GUID”.vsv.
      (Virtual machine ID “Virtual Machine GUID”)

      So looking at this error, there was no indication McAfee McShield was the problem. So i've spended an hour to fix this, and after creating a new vm, i wanted to delete the old corrupted directory, but then i did get the error that McAfee McShield caused the problem.