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    Full Scan Schedule options when scan missed

      Can someone confirm that I've got this right please? Virus Scan 15 (as part of Total Protection).


      1/ I schedule a regular full scan for 0400 monthly

      2/ The scan time is usually missed, so when I next am active on my laptop the scan kicks off, killing my productivity for the best part of half a day.


      There is no option to 'always scan at 0400' or anything like that? I know that I can cancel it but I assume that full scanning is a good idea.. Ideally the scan would try each day at 0400 until successful!


      Even with the scanning set to minimum resources this is a problem for me as I do actual heavy lifting work that requires all of my cores, so the PC grinds to a halt..


      So my options seem to be - a) ensure that the scan can take place at 0400 when scheduled or b) switch it off (current solution).


      So there are a couple of questions really..


      i/ Am I right in my basic assumptions above?

      ii/ How do I ensure that the 0400 scan takes place? My Laptop is seldom off, most often asleep so I assumed that the scan would go..