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    Mcscript_Inuse.exe maxing out CPU on VMs


      Hi All...



      I am having and issue with VSE 8.8 in our virtual environment with the above process intermittently maxing out the CPU usage on the machines.


      I know that essentially Move sorts this out but the client is not looking at purchasing that component,


      Is there anything I can do to alleviate this issue?






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          Your only real option that will be successful is to avoid VMs invoking an update at the same time.

          As difficult as that sounds, to try and coordinate potentially many different VMs that could be running at any given time; which is why MOVE is a much better sounding solution.


          There's also the possibility of using our Offline Virtual Image add-on product. It has the ability to also update the DATs on the VM being scanned - the caveat being, the VM must be offline.


          If you consider that updating of DAT files ought to occur for most systems within a 15min window, it may be possible for you to schedule the update task of each VM in a staggered fashion. Not exactly a manageable task since each VM would therefore have its own scheduled time to run an update... more selling points for using MOVE.