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    Mcafee is not able to update within Parallels 7 environment

      I have a Apple iMac with Parallels 5 installed. In the Microsoft environment I have installed Mcafee Internet security. Till yesterday I could have Mcafee update itself.


      Yesterday I purchased the new Apple OS, Mountain Lion. As Parallels did not work anymore I bought the latest version of Parallels, Parallels 7.


      I now do have access to the MS environment again and everything seems to work with the exception of Mcafee. The program says it's need to update but that it can not access the internet, so I am not "safe" anymore..

      I have tried Firefox and I have access to internet. Apparently something else needs to be changed.


      Therefore my question below:

      What do I need to change (where) to allow Mcafee to update?