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    Spyware.IEMonster - Why has Total Protection 2012 not provided protection?

      Dear McAfee,


      My computer has been hit with the Spware.IEMonster virus/malware or whatever it is.   Evidently my Total Protection 2012  (TP2012) did not provide protection from this virus which was first identified in January 2008.


      This is the second problem with TP2012 with failure to provide protection with old viruses/malware.  The first incident cost me $200 to remove the virus. 


      have been using McAfee on my home PCs for years and have been satisfied.  However, this may be the last year I will use any McAfee products.


      Would you mind telling me what I need to do to remove this virus?  Please don't tell me to spend $90 on your on-line virus removal service.  I spent enough on your software which should have protected me from this 4 year old problem.


      Thank you.