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    Minor Versions; patch levels; hot fixes...Oh my

      This may be a stupid question and if it's been asked before, I can't find it... How do the minor versions, patch levels, and hotfixes relate? In other words, if I see that a vse 8.5 problem is solved with patch 4, and I see in ePO that I'm running vse, hot fix 8...

      Is the hot fix the same as the patch level? What is the minor version? What the heck is "wrk"?

      And I know this isn't the ePO section, but while I'm on it--
      Why when I installed patch 5 in ePO does it show only the build number and I have to google "build 1298" that to see that it equates to patch 5? Please tell me that there is a reference table for all this somewhere that my feeble mind is unable to locate!