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    McAfee GetSusp


      We're pleased to announce a newer version of GetSusp. Latest released version is GetSusp (build date 23rd, July 2012)


      GetSusp download: http://getsusp.mcafee.com

      GetSusp-ePO: KB70405




      1. Now detects missed Vundo Printer variants


      2. Scan time optimization vs. previous build


      3. Sysinterals Autoruns output can be used for scan location input for GetSusp

      One can pass the output of Sysinternals Autoruns to GetSusp to scan. The Autoruns identified files will be filtered against McAfee's Known File Whitelist and only the suspect and unknown files will be reported.




      autorunsc.exe  -a -m -x > autorun.xml

      getsusp.exe --xml=autorun.xml