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    Family Protection Daily Activity Reports

      The Family Protection has stopped sending me daily activity reports. It had been working fine up until 4 days ago. I have had several Mcafee staff help me....even to taking control of the computer. Everything appears to be right but we can not troubleshoot the issue. Any thoughts? Thanks! Frustrating to say the least.

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          as I write it is now working again!

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            Might have been a sever glitch or something supposrt did kick started it. If you have any more issues get back to them.

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              ugh, I did not get a daily activity report yesterday. Have you ever heard of this issue before my earlier post? I hate to sound like a broken record but it had been working fine, then stopped, mcafee staff help me re-set some thing and it did take 48 hours before I got a report Saturday night--now no report Sunday. Any thoughts? If this is not unusual I can tell myself to be patient but I like when things work the way they are expected to!?! Thanks.

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                From the top of my head, had you used the internet on the days that they werent sent. Because I know that MFP doesnt send out reports when there is a blank report.


                Another thing that could have caused the issue the connectivity to the internet at the time it was supposed to send out the report. So the timer starts from the time that you had set the Instant Alerts option to Daily. After 24 hours, it sends out a report. If you hadnt been connected to the net at that time, it is supposed to have send out when you connected to the internet. But I do know that we have been facing issues on that front.