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    LinuxShield-1.5.1-OES2SP1-NSS-441315-Fix -267


      Just in the process of deploying LinuxShield 1.5.1 to our production OES2SP1 servers. Deployment done via ePO and cma - all looks OK.

      When testing we were advised to apply LinuxShield-1.5.1-OES2SP1-NSS-441315-Fix
      however, when I try and apply this to our production servers I get:

      "This patch can not be installed on LinuxShield -267"

      I just want to check that this is correct - I see that our servers are running LinuxShield-1.5.1-267, so assuming that 267 refers to this version and maybe the fix has been included? (our test env was .260...)

      Is there somewhere you can point me that lists versions, fixes included, etc.?

      Many thanks