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      I was trying the redirect function with a simple test, if IP = XXXX redirect to www.xxx.com

      I see it try to do the redirect but I get a responce "to many redirects" from google chrome

      In IE you can see the redirect site url in the bottom of the screen, but its just keeps trying.


      under policy, settings, redirect I made a test with user defined URL and put my url in there.

      then under rule sets I make a rule that matches an client IP and redirects them to the test-redirect.

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          It sounds like you are in an infinite loop.


          It will redirect, but when the redirected site is loaded it redirects again. nothing breaks the cycle.


          Which IP address are you using? Client.IP? that will never change and you will always hit the redirect rule.


          What happens when you do a rule like?:


          URL.Host equals www.example.com

          Redirect: google.com


          After the redirect, the URL is no longer example.com and will not fire the redirect again.

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            One other thing comes to mind.


            If you are trying to force a Client.IP to only go to the one site no matter what and not be able to break out of that site, you could do;


            Client.IP =  AND

            URL.Host does not equal www.example.com


            Redirect: www.example.com


            That should at least prevent the loop you are experincing.