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    Sensor and Manager communication problem


      I have M-2850 sensor and Manager version 7.1 . They are both on same subnet and connected directly to each other.

      Configured with same name and shared secret key from CLI on sensor and also from manager but are not communicating.

      What might be the problem.

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          Can you ping NSM Manager from Sensor CLI? Do you have right subnet configured. Can you verify?

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            Yes i can ping nsm manager from sensor and also sensor from manager.  .But the trust is not established.

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              hemang soni

              I think you have not yet push the sig set to sensor, please check on you home page if it is showing "update required"?


              if is showing update required click on "update required" link and it will redirect you to sig set push page from there select update and sig set will be pushed.


              One sig set push is started ... run downloadstatus command on sensor and check if download is started... after download is finish sensor will be able to intialized....


              As sensor can not initialized un till you download signature set ....


              If issue is not solved please collect sensor trace log and open case with McAfee tech support....




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                hemang soni

                Also check if ports from NSM to sensor are working...


                McAfee recommends that you use the Sensor and Manager management port on the same internal network for security and management reasons.

                The following ports are used are on the Network Security Manager server:












                HTTP Port


                Client to Manager: Webstart/JNLP, Console applets






                Client to Manager




                MySQL DB


                Internal to Manager; can be used externally to connect to the database

                4167Command Channel (UDP)Manager to Sensor Communication



                Tomcat AJP 12 Port


                Internal to Manager




                Tomcat AJP 13 Port


                Internal to Manager




                Command Channel (UDP)


                Manager to Sensor Communication




                Install Port (TCP)


                Sensor to Manager Communication




                Alert Channel (Control Channel) (TCP)


                Sensor to Manager Communication




                Packet Log Channel (TCP)


                Sensor to Manager Communication




                File Transfer Channel (TCP)


                Sensor to Manager Communication




                Lumos Nameserver


                Internal to Manager (RMI/IIOP)




                JONAS Nameserver


                Internal to Manager (RMI)




                Alert Viewer (TCP)


                Client to Manager SSL/TCP/IP

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                  Since no port has been blocked . So i don't think this is issue of port. I found that sensor software version is 5 and i am running manager of version 7.1.

                  Is this the ISSUE?

                  If yes can i upgrade directly to 7.1 sensor version or not .

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                    At the beginning you say you have the sensor and manager at 7.1. Later you said the sensor was at 5 You have have heterogeneus environments but as mentioned on the platform upgrade doc:

                    Heterogeneous environments are supported only across two successive major versions. For

                    example, a 6.0 Manager can manage Sensors on 5.1.x.x and 6.0.x.x but not Sensors on 4.1.x.x.

                    Similarly, Central Manager 6.0 can manage 6.0 and 5.1 Managers but not 4.1 Managers.

                    So your sensor can never trail 2 "major" versions. I did not find anything exclusive to 7.0 but your 7 manager can manage 7 and 6 versions but not 5.