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    Detected Systems - Query Agent

      I have a large development environment which has lots of Snapshots that are reverted often, because of the frequence of this my Detected Systems is showing many machines that are rogue when infact the machine still exists and is Compliant and in the system tree but has a different GUID. If i click on one of these machines and then click "Query Agent" it goes out realizes the machine is now in EPO with a different GUID and removes it self from the list of Detected Systems.I can do this manually by selecting machines in groups of under 50, when I select more than 50 machines and try this i get an error:


      "To Many agents where seleced to run the Query Agent on through the UI in a reasonable amount of time. Please select 50 or fewer results or create a Server Task to accomplish this task."


      I can not figure out how to create a server task to do this, any help would be appriciated.