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    McAfee Endpoint 5.2.5 + Windows 7 + 802.1X Wireless


      Hello All,


      I have a quick query for anyone who may have come come across this and might be able to offer any advice (I've logged a call but I don't think i've been able to explain it well enough to support personnel).


      We currently have McAfee Endpoint 5.2.5 deployed and have recentlyish started using Windows 7.


      We also have a wireless network set up with 802.1X requiring a certificate, and the wireless connection is set to single sign on to the wireless network immediately before user logon using the windows 7 wireless setings.


      When we use McAfee just the pre-boot authentication we do not experience any problems, but when we use it with the Windows Login Screen Replacement (Used to be called a Gina but has a diferent name in 7) it will not attempt to perform a sign on to the wireless at the point of log on.


      I have attached some very bad quality screenshots that show the difference between a standard widows login and the endpoint login screen.


      Does anyone know if there is a way of either making endpoint 5.2.5 attempt to log in to the wireless on logon the same way windows 7 does by default, or failing that if version 6 of endpoint offers this functionality.


      Thanks in advance.


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