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    Manual DAT update

      Can Security for Mac v1.1 DAT files be downloaded and deployed to the clients manually?


      If yes, where do you get the DAT files from? ePO server or download from McAfee?




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          It tells you how to do this in the KB:





          How to manually update the Security for Mac 1.x DAT files




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            Thank you for the quick response, it's much appreciated. Guess I'll spend the rest of the day trying to wrap that up in a friendlier package.


            However, and if you could pass this feedback back to development, that is a major hassle in an enterprise environment! Yes, updates via our ePO or McAfee internet repositories should be working properly, but in an 'emergency' situation where we want to push the current dat to 700 machines across the country, that's a real bummer. (as is the wonky agent installer)


            again, thank you for the pointer.

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              No problem.


              Yes- I see what you mean.


              I'm a volunteer moderator - I don't work for McAfee, but if you want you could either submit a product enhancement request using this : KB60021 or/ and  add an idea to the product ideas forum. https://community.mcafee.com/community/business/ideas


              Out of curiosity, how would you plan to distribute it to the machines if outwith ePO?