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    Agent 4.6 Patch 2 - Blue screen on 7-64b and usb trouble - BE CARE


      All our 7 64 bits test computers has the same trouble since the start of my distribution test


      First trouble


      the upgrade works well from patch 1 (2292) to the patch 2 (2918) as long as you don't uninstall the agent


      If you uninstall the Patch 2 agent with the comand line frminst.exe /remove=agent and then reinstall the 2292 version, all ou 64b  7 computers have the same error. A Blue screen is displayed at the next reboot. No other possibility than repairing will be possible then.


      i know that it's not a good idea to reinstall an old agent version but the uninstall test is part of our procedure. A computer could meet a trouble with a new path and it must be possible to go back.


      In our case, the crash is easy to reproduce. A clean 64b 7 with a 4.6 patch 1, VSE 8.8 and HIPS -> upgrade to 4.6 patch 2 -> uninstall it > back to patch 1 -> a REPAIR / FORMAT procedure will be necessary


      Second trouble now


      Without considerating the blue screen trouble. Another important bug is the usb bug


      On ANY of our 7 64b,

      If  we install the 4.6 patch 2 agent and we reboot, even without any other mcafee product present on the computer, WE LOOSE THE ABILITY OF DETECTING USB after reboot

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          The McAfee Agent does not have any kernel level hooks therefore it cannot be directly responsible for a BSOD (i.e. it will not be listed as the faulting module). You should review the memory dump with a debugger, see what the faulting module is and proceed from their.


          As for the USB problem I have MA 4.6 P2 installed on a Windows 7 64-bit machine and I can detect a USB device fine. We would need more data to investigate that as the problem is clearly not universal.

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            When all my alpha team said to me that the agent test was responsible of the trouble, i gave myself the same answer "the agent couldn't be the cause".


            Computers : HP and LENOVO


            As soons as the patch 2 agent is installed all our 64 Seven, they  loose the usb capability. to understand this i've installed a fresh computer, without any GPO and software. Just the 7 OS in workgroup, then installed the epo agent , and the lost of the usb happens as soon as the agent is installed.


            Worst, if i uninstall the patch 2 agent and then reinstall a patch 1 and reboot, the blue screen appears during the boot.


            All these  64b Seven have been reinstalled two days before and i did the same test again. Same result.


            The test have been made on six different computers. And also on another one in production.


            MY conclusion. If a computer works well and the lonely change done on it cause a trouble, the change is the trouble. I can accept of course that it could be an interaction where a third parties driver or software could interact but without the patch 2 agent, evrything works fine, with it, it's reformat or repair if we are lucky


            I'll open in a few hours the case to my contact (IMPAKT in belgium and McAfee)


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              I Really can confirm this Problem mit Ager 4.6 Patch 2 2918.

              I have an unamanged Win7 64bit Client and installed Agent 4.6 Patch2. But somehow i noticed that the signatures were not downloaded.

              So i want to go back... Ok, agent want's that VSE 8.8 to be uninstalled before.

              So, only the agent left in software.

              Uninstalled agent and reboot.


              Next Reboot says Boot Error 0x000025 "A important File is missing or corrupted" No BSOD, but a Black and white Screen.


              I managed to repair with Windows System Restore. In the Log it says xfiltx64.sys was repaired. ( Not only the file, a complete restore Point was necessary)


              So, i fight against this since 2 days. Everytime i uninstall the Agent (via Sofware or cmd) , next boot gives me this error. It's really repeatable.

              (Because with the restore Point the agent was installed again)


              What the Hell is there going on Mcafee?

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                KB75956 documents this issue. Microsift will also be publishing a KB on this issue today and we will link that KB to ours.


                On machines where you have already uninstalled MA 4.6 patch 2 the workaround listed in KB75956 should remediate the problem.


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