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    KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED at start of Full Scan (VSE 8.7i)

      Hi -

      I'm consistently getting a BSOD every time I kick off a Full Scan manually through the console. Strangely, however, I see the following:

      1. Scan in safe mode runs to completion without issue
      2. Install of 8.7i trial (including Full Scan) works fine.

      I'm on 64-bit Vista. I haven't ruled out the kit I'm using as the culprit, as when I install from that kit, Virtual Technician complains that files are missing from the install. If I blow up the MSI and grab the files I need, however, it still doesn't work. Also, I'm not sure why the scan would still work in Safe Mode...

      Any ideas? I'm getting VSE through a site license at my school and unfortunately don't have access to the latest patches. If need be, I can probably try to hound them to post the updates.

      Thanks for the help,