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    online backup causes virusscan to not work

    Jim Michaels

      the issue is given in detail at http://jesusnjim.com/pc-repair/product-removal/remove-mcafee-online-backup.html

      and has been happening for years.

      please fix. I always avoid installing online backup because it stops the realtime scanner. if you start it again, it immediately stops it.

      I would appreciate it if this would be either fixed, or the online backup removed, or something done.


      I personally have no need for a 2GB cloud backup since my documents on my machine is 148GB.  maybe the overage is causing the breakage?


      thanks guys, much appreciated.


      I think fixing this would give mcafee higher ratings and review rakings, it might have been because of this that Comcast switched to Norton...? don't know.

      a user just wrote into me and reported that this page of mine fixed the problem.


      the symptom is,no matter how many times (with earlier versions of mcafee) I tried to uninstall and reinstall mcafee, with or without online backup, or try to uninstall online backup, the installer/uninstaller would not do the job.

      this however may not be the case today, but the online backup is still causing a problem, at least for some folks.