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    Installation Incomplete

      Hello there McAfee was installed and running fine on my system till yesterday when it started giving me an error message about McAgent. It wasnt visible in the notification area and I could not scan anything so I tried uninstalling from add/remove but nothing was happening on clicking uninstall so I ran the MCPR tool and tried reinstalling but it didnt work and I got the Installation Incomplete error message.


      Since then I have tried the following --

      Create new account run MCPR>restart>reinstall

      Run MCPR and restart then run MCpreinstall and then Install


      Neither of these have solved my problem.


      I am running Windows 7 proffessional SP1 64bit. Please help...

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          Have you any other security software installed as that can cause incomplete or failed installation?   Malwarebytes for instance has to be temporarily uninstalled to allow McAfee in.  Other brands of antivirus should be completely removed first of course using their removal tool if necessary.


          Is Windows totally up to date and especially Internet Explorer and all it's add-ons up to date?  Even if you don't use it, McAfee and other applications do.


          Technical Support can help you free of charge, it's a free phone call or you can use their online chat - see the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            No other security software is installed on my system. The other thing I failed to mention is that every time I run the MCPR tool, it successfully uninstalls McAfee. Could it be that a previous installtion of McAfee is not the problem but something else?

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              I am sorry I didnt see your question about everything being update and the answer is yes, I have kept windows update to on and automatic so IE and Windows both are up to date

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                It could be malware I suppose.  Check with Stinger and Malwarebytes Free both are in that last link in my signature below.

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                  I have sent you a Private message , please reply me back with the details. Thanks,