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    Upgrade from 6.8.6 to 6.9.3


      Any know problem upgrading from 6.8.6 to 6.9.3?  I need to buy time while working on 7.2 in the lab.


      Any special upgrade procedure?


      Thank you.

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          For me - clear upgrade. No any issues (but backup and nonbusiness time for upgrade is hghly recommended).

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            I plan as for the previous updates to broke the Master/Slave team, upgrade the slave appliance, point my PC to it for testing, test NTLMv2 auth, change DNS entry of the primary to the secondary so proxy.pac allways point to the secondary, upgrade the primary, test, rejoin the team, change DNS back.


            Normally, no noticable downtime


            Evidently, full backup of both appliance before and after the procedure...


            And also, from previous experience, burn a DVD with the image need to reimage the appliance to the previous version just in case...