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    Windows 2000 clients



      I'm new to this forum and to McAfee EPO. I have a server with EPO 4 patch 7 installed and I'm planning to migrate it to EPO 4.6, but I still have some Windows 2000 clients.


      I've seen in the documentation that EPO 4.6 is compatible with Agent 4, and Windows 2000 is compatible with Agent 4 patch 4. So I'm wondering if Windows 2000 clients are really compatible with McAfee EPO 4.6.


      I searched the web but I haven't found the reply.


      Kind regards.

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          They will work with 4.6 but be advised that the 4.0 agent is not aware of multible agent handlers. It will only try and communicate with the first agent handler (spipe site) on the list in the sitelist.xml. Obviously if you only have a single ePO server with no addtional agent handlers you won't need to worry about it.

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            I manage a couple of legacy 2000 servers with Agent 4.0 and VSE 8.7 from within ePO 4.6 perfectly fine.


            The only thing thats an issue is the install. You won't be able to deploy the 4.0 agent directly from ePO but you can do a manual install but with ePOs sitelist and keys.


            Below is the instructions in the release note of the 4.0 agent (KB53808)


            -- =====================================


            Installing the agent with user-selected site information and user-selected keys
            Use this command to install the agent and specify a site list file and security keys (srpubkey.bin and reqseckey.bin) other than the defaults. This command is useful when upgrading an agent using framepkg_upd.exe. It specifies the server with which the agent communicates, irrespective of the site information embedded in the original installation package.

            framepkg.exe /install=agent /siteinfo=<full path of sitelist.xml>

            The security keys must be located in the same folder as the site list. Use ePolicy Orchestrator to export the files:

            1. Export the siteinfo file:
              1. Select Software | Master Repository.
              2. Click Export Sitelist.
              3. Save the file to a new location.

            2. Export the security keys:
              1. Select Configuration | Server Settings | Security Keys, and click Edit.
              2. Select Master Agent-server secure communication key, and click Export.
              3. Save the files to the same location as the siteinfo file.


            -- ===================================================================

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              Thank you very much for your replies, now I've also found this thread about the same question.




              Did you enable the "Allow package check-in for any repository branch" check?


              Best regards.


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                Hi Tristan,


                soon I´ll need to migrate some W2000 with agent 4.0 to an epo 4.6 console. Are you sure agent 4.0 can´t be installed from the epo 4.6 console. We have the 4.0 agent installer and I can create a task to install it in a client. Did you tray and it failed? Otherwise I´ll need to follow your advise to manually install the agent so the machines hungs from the new console. I´m wondering if it would work if I create a relationship trust between the two consoles. Is it possible between 4.0 console and 4.6?


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                  If you check the system requirements for all McAfee Agent versions you'll see that MA 4.0 Patch 4 is the last agent version to support Windows 2000.




                  I believe you can only have one agent checked into ePO at any one time and ePO 4.6 only has agent 4.6 then the only way to manage Win2000 in ePO 4.6 is to manaully install the 4.0 agent.

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                    I have Agent 4.6 in the Current Branch and Agent 4.0 in the Previous Branch, but I don't deploy them through ePO.

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                      I will try to install agent 4.0 from the evaluatión branch to a w2000 while I have 4.6 in current evaluation. At least there is the possibility to have both versions checked in at the server. Other thing is if the deploy will work.


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                        Laszlo G

                        As far as I know it's possible to deploy McAfe Agent 4.0 patch 4 to windos 2000 computers through ePO, I did it it not so long ago and it worked for most of these servers